5 Funny Wedding Favor Ideas

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We love seeing all the creative ways brides and grooms infuse personality into their wedding festivities. When a couple takes the time to create a unique and personalized wedding, it’s more fun for everyone. If you are in the process of planning your wedding, and you’re looking for ways to add some charm to your big day, look no further than this roundup of funny wedding favor ideas. They can be used at your actual wedding, or during showers and parties. Get creative and make this event as special and unique as possible!

1. Blushing Bride Lingerie Cookies
For a quirky bridal shower treat, re-purpose your heart-shaped cookie cutters to create these DIY lingerie cookies.

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2. Bird Seed Wedding Favors
Hand out a package of these bird seed tossables to every guest at the wedding for the bride and groom’s big exit.

3. OPIdo Bachelorette Party Favors
Personalize these OPI nail polish bottles with sweet and sassy sayings for the perfect bachelorette party gift.

4. Happy Tears Handkerchief Favors
Place a display of vintage handkerchiefs at the entrance of the wedding ceremony so your guests are prepared for the exchange of vows.

5. Bridal Shower Spa Favors
Pamper each bridal shower guest with a gift bag full of bath and body goodies.

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