5 Must-Read Tips for the Maid of Honor

5 Tips for the Maid of Honor | www.evermine.com
Let’s face it. Being asked to be the Maid of Honor isn’t just a huge honor – it’s also a huge job, and can quickly become overwhelming if you aren’t sure what you’re in for. To help you get started, we’ve put together a few simple tips that will help make your experience as fun and uncomplicated as possible:

1. Be Realistic
Be honest with yourself and with the bride about how much time and money you’re able to comfortably invest, and make sure to voice any concerns you have (tactfully) as soon as possible. That way, she won’t have unrealistic expectations of you, and you can problem solve solutions to your biggest concerns together (maybe over a glass of wine).

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2. Give Honest Opinions
From the dress to the decor, she needs you as her second opinion. And while it’s good to keep in mind that this is her wedding, and that she’ll likely have preferences that differ from yours, you can definitely help her decide which dress is The One, or which hairstyle looks best.

3. Expand Your Rolodex
You’ll be the go-to person for much of the wedding and pre-wedding events, so make sure to collect phone numbers and e-mail addresses for everyone in the bridal party and both sides of the family. You’ll also want to write down information about the vendors used and/or the wedding planner so you can help coordinate the event, and be there to answer questions and pass information.

4. Become a Pro at Party Planning
You’ll be planning and hosting both the bridal shower and the bachelorette party, so you’ll want to ensure that all key guests are able to attend both events. Talk to the bride about who she wants in attendance, and then make sure to set the date as far in advance as possible after coordinating with the bridal party and family members on a day that works best.

5. Make a Killer Speech
When it comes to your reception speech, don’t phone it in. You’ll want to make sure it’s polished, genuine, maybe a little funny, and definitely well rehearsed. For inspiration, we’ve included links to three of our favorite guides on giving the perfect wedding toast:

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