5 Must-Read Wedding Articles for the Newly Engaged

5 Must Read Articles for After You Get Engaged
We know a lot of our newest readers have recently become engaged over the holidays (or are anxiously awaiting their Valentine’s Day surprise), and knowing where to start with wedding planning can seem completely overwhelming and confusing. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite must-read guides to create a super basic crash course in Wedding Planning 101. These articles will help you begin preparations for one of the best days of your life!

5 Must-Read Articles for After You Get Engaged
1. Just Engaged… Where to Start Planning
Here is a detailed list to help you get started with the millions of details that need attention on your big day. Follow these guidelines, and then check out the rest of the article for more insight on each detail.

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5 Must-Read Articles for After You Get Engaged
2. Who Pays for What at the Wedding
When choosing your first steps in wedding planning, you often feel like you’re in a chicken and egg situation. You need to write out your budget pronto, but first you need to know who is going to pay for what. For example, knowing that your in-laws will be footing the bill for the alcohol and/or the wedding rehearsal lets you know that you now have more money for the photography. Read these tips regarding who traditionally pays for what in a wedding, and be sure to be kind and courteous when discussing a subject as sensitive as money.

5 Must-Read Articles for After you Get Engaged
3. 5 Wedding Budget No No’s
Now that you know who is paying for what, and you know your overall wedding budget, it’s time to divide allocate your funds for specific details of the wedding. TIP: Start with the biggest and most important details first, like the venue. Prioritize and then work your way down to the vendors, dress, food and favors.

5 Must-Read Articles for After You Get Engaged
4. Unique Engagement Photos Ideas
After you have a budget set for your photographer, you can start the process of looking through the portfolios of wedding photographers near your wedding venue. TIP: Not all wedding photographers include engagement photos in the wedding day package, so be sure to know how much you are spending total before you book an engagement session.

5 Must-Read Articles for After You Get Engaged
5. 11 Hidden Costs to Watch Out For When Planning Your Wedding
Before spending your entire budget, be on the lookout for the hidden wedding costs outlined in this article. While some things are obvious, like a cake or wedding dress, other small details come as a shock to engaged couples, such as the champagne toast or the cake cutting fee.

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