5 Tasty Winter Cocktail Ideas

5 Tasty Winter Cocktails from www.evermine.com
When it comes to winter cocktails, we have no problem finding inspiration for holiday-themed libations, but we often overlook the potential for all the winter months to follow. So today, we’re compiling a list of creative cocktail and drink ideas that would be perfect for your mid-to-late winter gatherings. From wine in your hot chocolate, to a shot of Irish Cream served inside a perfectly toasted marshmallow, these five beverage ideas will help you stay warm and cozy through the rest of the season on to spring.

5 Tasty Winter Cocktails from www.evermine.com
1. Hot Buttered Rosemary + Fig Bourbon Cider

This warm and delicious cocktail can be found on West Elm’s blog, and is a delicious contribution from Beth Kirby: “Not only does this warmy wintery cocktail taste great, but sipping a mugful might be even be more effective than hunkering-down in a big fuzzy sweater. If you prefer it virgin, Beth’s provided an infused cider alternative, too!”

This recipe is one of our favorites because it includes two super unique recipes that can be repurposed for other winter delights: Rosemary-Fig-Nutmeg Infused Bourbon and Spiced Honey Butter. Delicious!

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5 Tasty Winter Cocktails from www.evermine.com
2. Red Wine Hot Chocolate

This recipe hails from immaeatthat.com, and combines two of our favorite things: a bottle of red wine, and a delicious mug of steamy hot chocolate. As the author states, this recipe is rich, so you’ll want to prepare it specifically for sipping. Other than that, you can have loads of fun experimenting with different types of chocolate and wine.

5 Tasty Winter Cocktail Ideas from www.evermine.com
3. Cranberry Sangria

For a completely different way to use red wine, check out this recipe for Cranberry Sangria (AKA Devil’s Sangria from cravingsofalunatic.com, which features fresh cranberries and a splash of orange liquer.

5 Tasty Winter Cocktail Ideas from www.evermine.com
4. Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses

More of a technique than a recipe, these toasted marshmallow shot glasses from thewateringmouth.com are the perfect vessel for a shot of something rich and sweet. Try it with a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream or Kahlua.

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5 Tasty Winter Cocktail Ideas from www.evermine.com
5. Sparkling Pear & Ginger Cocktail

Last but not least, this recipe from willcookforfriends.com features a combination of pear, sage and ginger flavors that are brightened by a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. This beverage is the perfect transition from late winter to the sunnier days of spring.

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