6 Single-Serve Super Bowl Recipe Faves

Six Single-Serve Super Bowl Recipe Faves | www.evermine.com
When we think of our favorite Super Bowl snacks, things like nachos, buffalo wings, pretzels, chips and a wide variety of dips come to mind – anything that’s quick and easy to carry back to the couch so we don’t have to miss a moment of the big game, commercials included! That’s why we approach our Super Bowl food a step further with single-serve portions made in small containers such as mason jars, cups, etc., so you can munch at your leisure without having to exit the ‘stadium’ of your couch for anything other than a bathroom break.

We have loads of Super Bowl-friendly food options on our blog, but these are our top six single-serve snacks that are perfect for your Super Bowl house party. Keep scrolling for a description of each one:

1. Super Bowl Chili in a Jar
Attach a plastic spoon to this chili-in-a-jar, and pass around toppings such as cheese, sour cream and a big bag of Fritos. Bonus, click into the post to find out how to put together matching football-themed beer bottles and coasters.

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2. Caramelized Onion Dip
This caramelized onion dip recipe is a winner, and can be served in individual-sized mason jars to go with chopped veggies, potato chips and even pretzels. Yum!

3. Spicy Buffalo Ranch Dip
What Super Bowl is complete without buffalo chicken wings! We know you’re serving ’em, so we’ve got a recipe for buffalo-ranch dipping sauce that’s perfect for dunking. Use it for your veggies too!

4. Super Bowl Nacho Bar
Heat up your cheese in a crock pot, and place all the fixings on a table so everyone at the party can fix up their nacho tray to perfection.

5. Homemade Buffalo Wing Pretzels and Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce
Whip up a big batch of these buffalo wing-flavored pretzels, and serve them in individual-sized tin-tie bags. They’re delicious with the accompanying recipe for blue cheese dipping sauce, which can be served in a small mason jar.

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6. Individual 7-Layer Dips
Pair these easy-to-make 7 Layer Dip cups with a giant bag of your favorite tortilla chips.

For more delicious Super Bowl recipe and ideas, click here.

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