Seven Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes

7 Delicious Recipes for your Thanksgiving Party | Evermine Occasions |
If you’re hosting Thanksgiving festivities this year, or looking for a host/hostess gift to bring to the party, we have seven delicious, fall-themed recipes that will help set the mood. From traditional Thanksgiving treats to foods + beverages with a fall twist, each of these recipes feature the rich, warm and earthy flavors we love for the holiday season:

1. Autumn Sangria, Two Ways
This recipe for Autumn Sangria is made using apple cider, and can be adapted for both red and white wine. Add in some freshly chopped fruit, cinnamon sticks, spices and some carbonation, and you have a delicious and beautiful beverage that’s perfect for your Thanksgiving table.

2. Orange-Ginger Cranberry Sauce
Skip the store’s version and make your own from scratch! This cranberry sauce recipe is fresh and delicious, and packs a sweet and spicy kick.

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3. Hoot Nibble Cookies
For a treat that will appeal to both kids and adults alike, these hoot nibble shortbread cookies make a great impression. Plus, this recipe features the warm and earthy flavor of ground cardamom. Substitute some of the cardamom for cinnamon or nutmeg, and you have a traditional spice combination everyone will love.

4. Acorn Cakelets
These acorn cakelets require a mold, and are a beautiful treat to add to your thanksgiving snack table.

5. Homemade Eggnog, Naughty or Nice
This recipe for homemade eggnog is creamy and delicious, and can be made a day or two in advance. Plus, this eggnog can be made both naughty (with spirits) and nice (non-alcoholic) for a beverage suited to all ages.

6. Cornucopia Candy Favors
For a cute favor idea to send home with guests at the end of the party, make these Cornucopia candy favors using store bought waffle cones, and fill it with your favorite Thanksgiving-themed candies and treats.

7. Cinnamon Pear Jam
This recipe for Cinnamon Pear Jam tastes just like french toast. Make a batch of this for the dinner rolls, or give a jar to the host/hostess to enjoy.

7 Delicious Recipes for your Thanksgiving Party | Evermine Occasions |
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