A Bloom from the Bride and Groom

I came across this  idea at a restaurant for Mother’s Day brunch a few years back and I just loved it. A man walked around with single flowers to give to all of the mothers while they ate their meal and it was so special. There is just something so heartwarming about receiving a single flower for you to enjoy smelling or to put in your hair or to pin on your blouse. I couldn’t help but think what a great idea this would be for a wedding or bridal shower!

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Not only is it something your guests could take home to enjoy but it also acts as a centerpiece for the tables at a wedding or party! You’ve just killed two birds with one stone! And it’s so inexpensive! In these photos I have picked out two kinds of flowers which could match the color scheme of the wedding. I cut them to fit into the vases I chose and attached cute hangtags with a photo on it. You could also attach ribbon to your vase or stems if you wanted to add a bit more “cuteness”. I also had the idea to maybe add a little sign that says “A Bloom from the Bride and Groom” so that the guests know to take them as favors.

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I can’t get over how easy and inexpensive it was to put these together. It ended upcosting me 53 cents each, not counting the vases. The vases I found at the dollar store. This is a great idea for the bride or party planner on a very tight budget and I hope that this idea will give you inspiration to find more ways to save time and money.

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