Adopt A Monkey Party Favors

I can’t believe its been another year already, and my little girl has turned two. For her second birthday I decided to throw her a monkey themed party, because she just loves Curious George, and any other monkey she sees.

I try to follow a few rules when throwing a party, to make sure that everyone has a good time.

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Rule #1: Keep the kids entertained
As long as the little ones are busy and happy, the adults can relax and mingle a little too. For my daughters monkey party we had several tables set up with activities. One was a coloring table stocked with coloring pages of monkeys (of course), crayons, markers, and colored pencils. Another had a bean bag toss game called “Feed the chimp”. I found a nice size poster of a chimpanzee, glued it to a card board box, and cut out a hole where his mouth was. I also made banana shaped bean bags out of yellow felt, beans and glue. Rules where simple get a banana in his mouth and score a bag of frosted animal crackers. And last was a balloon table tennis game. For paddles I glued Popsicle sticks to paper plates. Then I strung some streamers across the middle of a long table. There where no rules to this game, as you can imagine the kids had loads of fun just trying to hit the balloons to each other.

Rule #2: Food
Try to keep in mind what time of day your party will be, if you start mid morning, your going to have some hungry guests to feed. Our party started at 4pm. That’s well after lunch but well before dinner. Light snacks kept everyone happy. I had several trays of pinwheel sandwiches that I picked up at the grocery store already made, as well as a healthy chip choice (Sun Chips) and a veggies tray. But the biggest hit was the frozen banana pops. You can pick up a kit to make these in the fruit aisle of your grocery store. The kit comes with popsicle sticks, which you insert into a banana, and chocolate which you warm and then dip the banana into. I also added some fun candy sprinkles. Place them into the freezer and you’ve got a monkey treat fit for the zoo.

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Rule #3: Party favors
I love giving out party favors. Just a little something that says thank you. For this party I decided to give out plush monkeys. Not only that, our little guests where able to adopt their monkeys from “Roxy’s Monkey Adoption Agency”. Each monkey came with an adoption certificate where the child could write their monkey’s name, as well as food (dried banana chips) and water. We had personalized labels and tags made for the favors, and it really added to the feel of authenticity. The kids took their new roles as monkey mommies and daddies very seriously, and everyone had a great time.

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