What’s more fun than throwing an Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party? As one of my favorite children’s stories, nothing sparks my imagination quite like Lewis Carroll’s talking flowers, the cheshire cat’s smile, the queen of hearts, and of course the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Alice in Wonderland is a wonderful party theme and there is so much you can do to recreate the magic that happened down the rabbit hole.

For this fun Merry Unbirthday party I used:
• Vintage yellow tea set.
• Gerber daisies with googley eyes (to create the talking flowers).
• Homemade cupcakes and cucumber tea sandwiches with “Eat Me!” toppers.
• Oval-shaped “Drink Me!” tags tied to teacups.

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Other party ideas:
• Make a Mad Hatter’s hat-making craft station, where you can decorate a paper top hat or crown.
• Play croquet in your backyard like the Queen of Hearts!
• Make other fun crafts like Momeraths and Edible Teacups!

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