Anniversary Message Guestbook

Anniversary Message GuestbookAnniversary Message Guestbook

If you’re looking for a creative and inexpensive alternative to a guestbook filled with signatures, consider creating these anniversary message guestbooks. These decorated journals serve as time capsules for the bride and groom to read on their anniversaries. The blank pages invite guests to write or doodle to their heart’s content. The best part is that it is incredibly easy to make and can be made to fit your wedding theme.

What you need:

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  • Mini Journals
  • Metallic permanent marker
  • Labels

First, purchase your journals. I purchased these small books with the gorgeous Secret Garden designs at my local grocery store, but you can also purchase them here.

Anniversary Message Guestbook

Second, order labels to fit your journals. If you purchased the Secret Garden journals, I found Modern Museo in the size 11 worked best. The simplicity of the label style complemented the ornate patterns on the notebooks. Be sure to leave space to write the year number!

If you bought plain or patterned journals, I recommend printing out Evermine’s Shapes & Sizes sheet and testing out the different shapes. Instead of circles, maybe try out a square or an ornate shape.

Anniversary Message Guestbook

With your metallic permanent marker, write down different year numbers. I decided to use years 1, 2 and 3 for my mini journals – but you can use whatever years you’d like. If you are not confident in your own handwriting, ask a friend to write it for you!

After you labeled your journals, lay them out on the entrance table outside the reception. Another option would be to designate a journal to specific table; for example, the one year anniversary journal can be propped on table 1.

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If you used Evermine’s labels for your anniversary message guestbooks, we’d like to see! Email us here or tag us with #shopevermine.

Anniversary Message Guestbook

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