April Fools! “Doughnut Seeds”

April Fools Gift: Doughnut Seeds #diy #labels #bags #packaging

My husband asked me to help him pick the perfect prank to play on his coworkers for April Fools this year – something appropriate for the office and not too mean – so I went searching and found the best idea at Spoonful.com: Doughnut Seeds!

April Fools Gift: Doughnut Seeds #diy #labels #bags #packaging

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And while I love the idea of using a real seed packet, I wanted to find a way to show off the “seeds” so people would get the joke without having to open the package. That’s why I chose cellophane bags (medium sized) for packaging, because you can see what’s inside.

April Fools Gift: Doughnut Seeds #diy #labels #bags #packaging

For the “seeds” themselves, you can use any type of o-shaped cereal you’d like. Cheerios would work, for instance, but I chose something in the gluten-free section because several of my husband’s co-workers are gluten-intolerant, and I wanted them to actually be able to snack on their gift.

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April Fools Gift: Doughnut Seeds #diy #labels #bags #packaging

And then to seal the packages, I chose personalized labels in the style Candystripes. It’s really simple packaging, and it’s super easy to put together. I’m happy with how the whole thing turned out, and I’m hoping these April Fools gifts make my husband’s co-workers laugh as much as I did when I saw them.

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