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Juliet Avant

Juliet Avant is Evermine's inspiration blogger, bringing you easy, lovely DIY gift ideas. Juliet is especially moved by fleeting seasonal flavors, light that dances off greenery, and the capacity of simple gifts to build connections.

How to change fonts

Did you know you can change fonts on many template designs available at Evermine Labels? Read on to see how and to get a few tips to help your font choices look great. Instant font change Start by moving through…

Easy DIY Painted Pumpkins

Fall is here! Celebrate the pumpkin season with a fun, colorful twist (bonus! no carving necessary). These are: Simple to make Festive decorations for fall Thoughtful gifts Materials & Tools: -Craft Paints (Acrylic Paint) -Paint Brushes -Mason Jar -Paper Towels -Paper…

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