Easy Air Fresheners

Easy Air Fresheners | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com

I have a small powder room on the main floor of my house. It’s a luxury that I’m still getting used to because my last house had one tiny bathroom that everyone in the house used daily and our guests also used when they came to visit. Now I have this wonderful powder room, and… 

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Lemon Meringue Sugar Scrub

DIY Lemon Meringue Sugar Scrub | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com

Dark in the morning. Dark in the evening. Dark. Dark. Dark. That’s winter for you. I need something to wake me up before the sun starts to shine, and this lemon meringue sugar scrub is just the thing! The delicious scent of lemon and vanilla together will brighten your mind and awaken your appetite. The… 

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Three-Ingredient Peanut Butter Date Bars

Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Date Bars | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com

I love everything about these homemade energy bars. The satisfying salty and sweet combination, the healthy ingredients, the quick energy from an easy-to-grab snack. And they are so easy you won’t believe it. A few minutes and three ingredients makes this a staple recipe in my house these days. Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Date Bars… 

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“I Dig You” Valentine’s Day Gifts

"I Dig You" Valentine's Day Gifts | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com

My son loves playing in the sandbox. Shoveling sand, filling cups and trucks and pouring it back out and, well, eating sand. I know he’s not alone. I see plenty of kids his age at the sandbox with grains stuck to their chins. When I saw some adorable Valentine’s Day treats with a sand shovel… 

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Homemade Chia Seed Pudding

Homemade Chia Seed Pudding Recipe | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com

If you haven’t made chia seed pudding yet, then the time is now! I tried making it after seeing a recipe on Pinterest. It was tasty, and since it’s also healthy, what more can you ask for? Simplicity! Yes, it’s easy too. Chia seeds are packed with calcium, manganese and phosphorus, in addition to being… 

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Felted Heart Magnets

DIY Felted Heart Magnet Valentine's Day Gifts | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com

Remember when I made Felted Wool Magnets? Well, I just love them on my fridge and thought that a heart-shaped creation would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for my sweetheart. Something this simple really becomes special with unique packaging. In this case, a small metal tin holds the fuzzy heart and my sentiment perfectly…. 

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