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Zoe is born and bred in Portland, Oregon and recently moved to Orlando, Florida. She studied sociology and philosophy at University of Oregon, and is currently employed at a law firm. Presently, she devotes her time to being lost in the tropical vegetation of her backyard, sun-scorched bike rides, repurposing everything she can think of, quirky cooking, and promoting the creative lifestyle that she loves.

Milk Caramels

My sister and her daughter are returning from visiting family in Alaska, and I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to try making my sister’s favorite candy— Milk Caramels! The day after she flies in, we’re having a big…

Zucchini Bread

The smallest house on our block is welcoming a new couple, and they are having a lunch potluck to meet and greet the neighborhood. Baked goods are exceptional for giving the feeling of a home— and a somewhat quirky choice…

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