Baby Gender Reveal Gifts from Idea Land blog(Used in this project: Square Labels and Heart-Shaped Tags in Joy style with Butterfly Clasp Boxes.)

No matter when you find out the gender of a baby it can be a fun surprise, particularly if you thought “for sure!” that you knew what it was. While some people stick with tradition and wait until baby is born to learn whether their life will be turned upside-down with snip and snails or sugar and spice, others are finding out early making room for a separate celebration.

Whether the announcement is grandiose like a release of a hundred pink balloons, delicious like blue icing hidden in a layer cake, or a personalized gift for everyone in the new baby’s life, the fun is in the surprise.

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Baby Gender Reveal Gifts from Idea Land blog

With this in mind I created these adorable little parcels from pearly white butterfly gift boxes and square shape pink and blue labels that read: “Is it a Boy? Open to find out.” or “Is it a Girl? Open to find out.” on all four sides.

Once the butterfly is unhooked the box pops open to reveal a heart-shaped tag revealing the gender and some yummy jellybeans.

Baby Gender Reveal Gifts from Idea Land blog

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This cute little gift could be presented at a party for everyone to open at the same time, could be mailed to out of town loved ones, or presented individually. Regardless of how it is delivered, this sweet little gesture will certainly make the moment more memorable!

Baby Gender Reveal Gifts from Idea Land blog

Used In This Project:

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  1. OMG!! These are so awesome. I have been looking everywhere on the perfect gender reveal gift that I can ship and these are it. I have one question is it possible to get the boxes in the same design, wording and all shipped to me so that I can fill them with the candy and mail them to our loved ones? If so what is the cost?

    • Hi Tiffany,

      The gift boxes used this project come blank for you to add your own personalized labels. See the “Used In The Project” section at the end of this post for direct links to the labels Stephanie chose. You can also find more baby labels here:

      The cost will depend on what quantity you need. If you have any questions about placing an order feel free to contact our customer service at 1-888-412-5636 or email


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