Baby Spider Plant Housewarming Gifts

Baby Spider Plant Gifts #houseplants #labels #favor #housewarming

If you have a healthy, well-fertilized spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) growing in your home, you are already likely aware of its tendency to send out long stems with developing baby spider plants in the summer when the days are bright and sunny. Fortunately, those baby spider plants are easy to propagate with just a little water, a few planting pots, and some good garden soil. For an excellent guide on propagating spider plants, read this detailed guide by Amy from Get Busy Gardening!

Baby Spider Plant Gifts #houseplants #housewarming

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Last summer, when my main spider plant was its most active, I was able to propagate seven new spider plants from the mother, which I have been watering and caring for all winter long. Now that the babies have matured in their pots, I thought it might be fun to give a couple spider plants away as housewarming gifts to friends of mine who are buying a house this spring. I’m also planning on sending my husband to work with a plant as a springtime gift for his co-workers.

Baby Spider Plant Gifts #houseplants #housewarming

To prepare my spider plants as gifts, I’ve ordered personalized tags and labels from Evermine in the style Lucky in Lace. I’ve also included a text label in the same style with simple care instructions as follows:

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Baby Spider Plant Gifts #houseplants #labels #favor #housewarming

Spider Plant

Chlorophytum comosum
Lighting: Moderate
Watering: Low
Replant in a larger pot in spring. Fertilize once per month in spring and summer.

Baby Spider Plant Gifts #houseplants #labels #favor #housewarming

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  1. I never thought of giving a baby spider plant as a housewarming gift, what a cool idea! I was initially thinking of giving a cactus or like a venus fly trap but now that i’ve seen this blog, I’m thinking a baby spider plant is going to be the housewarming gift to give! Thank you!

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