Baseball-Themed Birthday Coasters

Birthday Coasters | Evermine Blog |
Birthdays are always fun in my house. However, celebrating a birthday on Pesach, the Passover festival, is not without its challenges. And seeing as how we don’t eat wheat products, I’m left trying to be creative with Matzah and grape juice.

Birthday Coasters | Evermine Blog |
So here I decided to focus on the decor, and give out a plain glass of grape juice with a decorative lift. These bright baseball coasters are so adorable, and in celebration of my son turning 11, I decided to set the table with a baseball theme.

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Birthday Coasters | Evermine Blog |
Guests will enjoy a glass of sweet grape juice on a coaster that they can take home as a favor. And no doubt, the day after Pesach is over, there will be a REAL birthday cake – frosting and all – waiting for my boy.

Birthday Coasters | Evermine Blog |
Happy Birthday Mendel! We love you.

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