Beach Themed Birthday

beach-birthday-1(Used in this project: Square Vinyl Labels in Classic Oldstyle style.)

An extra Special birthday for an extra Special son. Having a son with special needs is seeing the world with different views. It’s like taking photos using different filters. Things don’t appear as they would, but rather with a completely different focal point. Our son has taught us what life is all about, what life truly means. I’ll be honest, his birthdays were always heavy-heart days, where my mind would take me down a long memory lane, full of aches, hardships and surreal moments. It’s been about 3 years since those heavy birthdays consumed me with raw emotion and now I have found a very special place in my heart to celebrate.

This year we look forward to a very happy birthday as we rejoice in his recent accomplishments, including his early stages of communicating through his iPad. He has found his ‘voice’ and as a mother, this is a blessing I’ll always be grateful for. Our son’s Hebrew name is “Chaim Boruch”, which literally means “Life Blessing” and he exemplifies this very name in every fiber of his being.

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Beach Theme Birthday from Idea Land blog

He loves to dig in the sand and fill up buckets, to only dump them out and then re-fill, countless times, over and over again. Don’t we all fill up our ‘buckets’ along our journey through life? We fill them up with what we think is important, collecting beautiful sea shells, soft warm sand and then sometimes the rocks and twigs and dirt that get in the way of our dreams. Chaim Boruch has taught me how to filter. Filter and sort through my bucket of sand, ‘dumping’ out the material that hinders growth, like fears, disappointment and resentment. I ‘dig’ deep, re-filling my bucket with warm soft sand.

Beach Theme Birthday from Idea Land blog

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So for this special birthday I personalized waterproof labels that read “I DIG age 7″, Happy Birthday Chaim Boruch” and stuck them onto buckets with sand toys as party favors. A happy, sunny, beach themed party. Celebrating that when life hands you sand… just dig deep and build sandcastles.

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  1. DearChana,

    What a special day for Chaim Baruch and especially for u, I think u are greatest mother that any child would want.
    U are an Angel and B’H it gives me great nachos and honor to be your mother in law,
    I luv u with all my heart and soul

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