Bedikas Chometz Kit

Bedikas Chometz Kit

Pesach (Passover) brings so many childhood memories of late night Seders, friends and family, and of course the wonderful flavors that go along with this Holiday, celebrated this year on April 14 – 22. One of the many components to Pesach is the initial search for “Chometz” (leavened bread) once the house has been cleaned thoroughly to make sure there are no leavened particles in the house (always a big job with little kids running around!).

Bedikas Chometz Kit

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These D.I.Y Chometz Kits are great favors for a pre – Passover Kosher Cooking Class or even for a kids pre-Pesach Project! The paper bags are perfect to hold the items needed to search for chometz: a wooden spoon, a candle, a feather, string and 10 pieces of bread.

The pieces of bread are hidden throughout the house, the candle is lit, a special blessing is said, and upon finding the pieces of chometz (bread), they are scooped up using the feather into the spoon and then tossed into the paper bag.


Once all 10 pieces of bread are found, another blessing is said and the paper bag is tied together with the string and all it’s contents, until the following morning when it is burned. I always love to see my kids faces as they help find the chometz, really participating and understanding this special part of getting ready for Pesach!

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These labels add a personal touch and make this Mitzvah (commandment) a fun part of getting ready for Pesach! Wishing you all a Kosher and Happy Pesach!

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