Beer Tasting Party from Idea Land blog #printable #beer #labels

(Used in this project: Oval Beer Labels, Collar Labels, and Bottle Cap Labels in Regensburger style with Round Coasters in Old Austria style.)

EmilyBlogImagePlease welcome guest blogger, Emily Crawford. Emily is a freelance stationery designer, wife and mother of two little girls living in Portland, Oregon. A lover of creative gift wrap, party printables, and all things floral, Emily can be found tasting craft beer with her husband or pinning things on Pinterest.

My husband and I are huge craft beer fans. One of our favorite date nights consists of picking beers to taste from a rotating tap at our local pub. We would rather choose four beer samples than drink an entire pint of just one beer style.

Because of our shared love of beer, we have decided to host a blind beer tasting party of local, summer ales for some friends. To give the beer tasting party an official and personal flair, I’ve customized the Regensburger beer label (spice color) to use for our tasting. Matching collar labels and bottle cap labels mark the bottles as tasters (lest someone crack open a bottle before the day!) and they also help hide the identity of the beer.

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Beer Tasting Party from Idea Land blog #printable #beer #labels

How To Host A Beer Tasting Party

For a blind tasting use a brown lunch bag to hide the beer’s identity, fold down the top a couple of turns for a finished look and tie it at the bottle neck with some twine. You will need to keep track of which beer is which by handwriting a number on each bottle’s label and keeping a coordinating list to reveal after the tasting.

Beer Tasting Party from Idea Land blog #printable #beer #labels

Each guest will get 4 beers poured into 5 oz glasses. I used a fun beer flight glassware set from Target to serve the tasters. Encourage your guests to describe the beer’s aroma, appearance, flavor, mouthfeel and finish. Discussing the beer is the fun part and can be done as a group, but also have your guests write down their observations on the Beer Tasting Notes free printable provided. (It’s hard to remember which one is which after tasting a few, especially if they are all summer ales and share similar qualities.)

Beer Tasting Party from Idea Land blog #printable #beer #labels

• Download our free printable Beer Tasting Notes.
• Start with the lighter beers and move to darker.
• Serve the beers at their appropriate temperatures.
• Between beers you can serve bread to cleanse the palette.
• If you are using the same glass, you should rinse it between samples.

You can offer as many beer tastes as you like but I like between four and six different beers samples at a time. After each beer has been tasted and noted, reveal the beer labels so your guests can fill in the beer name, brewery and style in their notes. They may want to purchase their favorites later! It’s a good idea to have some background knowledge about the breweries and the beers that you are serving. Your guests will appreciate it.

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For a special party favor, I have created personalized beer tasting coasters in Old Austria style (spice color) for us to send home with guests. We’ll keep a few around for ourselves, too!

Beer Tasting Party from Idea Land blog #printable #beer #labels

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