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A behavior chart can be a really fun and interactive way to help your kids stay on track, and can be used in a variety of ways. Are you trying to encourage your child to practice the piano? Make the bed? Pick up his or her toys at the end of every day? A simple behavior chart can be a super helpful reminder for your kids because it has a built-in reward system based on positive reinforcement. Place a photo label of your child (or children) on the calendar for each day of the week they accomplish their task, and then you can make an agreement with them that you’ll give them an allowance or take them out for a treat if they earn an entire week’s worth of stickers.

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To create the photo labels, just upload your favorite photo of him/her to one of our custom photo label shapes and choose the ‘static cling’ label stock option. With static cling, you can reuse your labels as often as you like, and you can store them on their original label sheet when they’re not in use. To do this, remove the backing from the adhesive sheet as shown in the photos above, and place the labels on the nonstick paper backing for storage.

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If you’re ordering our 2-inch circle labels, you’ll need two sheets of labels per child to have enough to cover each day of the month. For a full list of shapes we offer in static cling, click here.

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