Bird Nest Treats from Idea Land blog #treat #dessert #candy #party #birthday #spring #homemade(Used in this project: Square Labels in Boxicle style and Pinwheel Clasp Boxes.)

Days are becoming longer and the air bites less, bumblebees are dancing from bloom to bloom. Spring is such an inspiring season! It was difficult to choose from all the creative treat shapes and themes out there for my niece’s 2nd birthday. It was important for me to pick a recipe that didn’t include a ton of sugar, as to not terrorize my sister or any other parents of Lucy’s little friends— therefore I decided early that frosting was out. I found a recipe over at Our Prairie Home Blog that had an idea for the most adorable Bird Nest Treats that I had to try. I made an alteration by substituting a cereal I remember from when I was young, that provides tons of fiber!

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Bird Nest Treats

• 1 Bag of mini marshmallows
• 10 Cups of Fiber One cereal
• 1 Stick of butter or margarine
• Cooking spray
• Your choice of cute egg shaped candies (I used malted milk ball Robin’s Eggs)

Things You’ll Need:
• 2 Cupcake tins, that holds a dozen
• Large spoon (not a ladle)
• One small spoon
• A large saucepot

Favor Packaging:
Square photo labels
• Pinwheel Clasp Boxes
• Cupcake liners

I suggest making these treats the night before the party.

Start by placing your saucepot over medium heat. Cube the butter and toss the cubes into the pot. During this time, spray your cooking spray into each cupcake cup in each of your tins. After the butter melts, pour half the bag of marshmallows in. Stir the mixture until there are only a few lumps, and then pour the rest of the marshmallows in.

Bird Nest Treats from Idea Land blog #treat #dessert #candy #party #birthday #spring #homemade

Take a short break to measure out the fiber sticks, because you will add them all at one time. Also, put the candy eggs into a bowl, for easy access.

Once the marshmallows are melted, you are left with a glossy and almost liquid mix. Do not taste test this stuff, its extremely hot. Pour the fiber sticks into the marshmallow mix slowly and incorporate well. Turn the stove down between low and medium heat. Using a large spoon, scoop out about a ¼ cup of the sticks, and with a smaller teaspoon scrap it out into the cupcake mold, and then press the desired number of eggs, down into the middle of the sticks. The marshmallow mortar will hold the eggs in place. Do this with every cupcake mold, until you run out of sticks. Place the cookie sheets in the fridge for around 30 minutes, in order to rush the cooling process.

Bird Nest Treats from Idea Land blog #treat #dessert #candy #party #birthday #spring #homemade

Bird Nest Treats from Idea Land blog #treat #dessert #candy #party #birthday #spring #homemade

How you want to package these treats is up to you, they will be sticky. While I waited, I cut cupcake liners down to ¼ inch height, as to just barely cup the bottom of each nest, and show off my handy work. When the treats have cooled, they will still be slightly tacky. Pop each one out and place the cupcake liner on the bottom of the nest. Finish by letting the Bird’s Nests cool and harden overnight, in the most airtight situation as possible (humidity is evil).

Bird Nest Treats from Idea Land blog #treat #dessert #candy #party #birthday #spring #homemade

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I loved decorating for Lucy’s birthday party, dressing up the table with all different kinds of bird figurines (my favorite!), and teacup bouquets of white carnations. I placed each Bird Nest in pinwheel clasp boxes emblazoned with one of my favorite photos of Lucille Gordon Fowler, on a personalized boxicle style label.

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