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Birthday bonanza! Every year we go to what seems like an endless stream of children’s birthday parties, and nine times out of ten, that birthday party has a theme. It may be a unique theme, like our dear friend Charlotte’s Pippi Longstocking fifth birthday party, or a more common theme like a friend’s “fireman” theme. “Theme” might be too strong – it could better be put as a child’s affinity, latest Disney promo, or obsession-of-the-week.

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Recently, my oldest son Caden had a “pirate” party, and so I put together a pirate party package. My plan was to create custom labels to give the party a pop of originality without the cost. I used the labels for the paper cups and plates, party hats, gift bags and favors, the invitations and envelopes.

First, I used a bookplate label for the smaller items. The ships and stylized font were the perfect size for a simple name call-out. I put a handful of personalized M&Ms into a sandwich bag, cut off the top plastic zip, and tied it with a gold ribbon.

Next, I created a larger label that had a pirate’s map font. This one worked great on the larger favor bag. I also used this label with folded construction paper to make invitations.

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Another super fun label I created was a photo label using a snapshot I took of Caden dressed up as a pirate. I selected the label by the shape I was looking for, combined with a simple font and a large selection of colors. This label worked great on just about everything I tried, from the plates and cups to the invites.

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  1. I love this post, there are some fantastic ideas on here for little pirates on their birthday! I especially love the photo you printed of your son as a pirate for the cups – it adds such a lovely personal touch! I have two sons myself and can affirm that pirate themed parties are always a hit with them for their birthdays too! We’ve actually had five pirate themed parties between the two of them, this is because one adores Peter Pan, while the older one is obsessed with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Either way – I now consider myself a pirate party planner pro! Though it looks like you are too with this fabulous party! Though I must admit, I can’t take all the credit for my pirate parties, as I did use a children’s party planning company for several of them, (their name is Dazzle and Fizz if anyone is interested). Anyway I was wondering if you had any tips/inspiration for planning girls parties? My sister is currently planning her daughter’s 6th birthday party,and has enlisted my help – so any tips for a princess/fairy/wonderland type of party would be fabulous! Keep up the fabulous parties and posts x

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