Blowing Kisses Your Way Valentine

Blowing Kisses Your Way Valentine #kids #gift #labels

Please welcome guest blogger, Stacy Dutton. Stacy is the Jr. Art Director at Evermine Labels/Evermine. She is a new mother and lover of stationery, pie, and dark chocolate. Today she is sharing her latest idea for her son’s first Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I knew I wanted to do something for all of my son’s classmates at his daycare since it’s his first Valentine’s Day. A typical classroom Valentine involves a cute card with some sort of candy attached, and that is where it gets tricky. All of his classmates are under the age of one, so passing out candy isn’t a great option. I know that Gymboree Play & Music comes into his classroom once a week, and when they do all the kids LOVE it when they use bubbles! So this year, my son will be giving each of his classmates bubbles instead of candy (with parental supervision of course).

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Valentine’s Bubbles

Supplies needed:
• 8 pack of mini wedding bubbles (purchased from the Dollar Tree)
• package of pink or red craft pipe cleaners
• spool of ribbon
Small rectangle label

Blowing Kisses Your Way Valentine #kids #gift #labels

First, I created the heart shaped bubble wand with a pink pipecleaner and tied it to the mini bubbles with some ribbon. I chose our small rectangle labels in deep red for my “Blowing Kisses Your Way, Happy Valentine’s Day” saying with my son’s name. I’m so excited about how easy and simple these classroom Valentine’s were to make. I am really looking forward to helping my son pass these out to all his classmates come Valentine’s Day!

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Stacy (22 Posts)

Stacy is the Art Director at Evermine. She is a new mother and lover of stationery, pie, and dark chocolate.

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