“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” – it all happens with this one sweet little favor gift. A new bottle, a blue drink, a borrowed recipe, and a ribbon that your mother (or grandmother) has been keeping in her sewing kit for all these years, for “just the right project”.

So, what is a Blue Lagoon? This is how it came onto this blog.

I wanted a signature drink to use as summertime wedding favors; something the guests could take home with them. There were several requirements: the drink mix that goes in the bottle needs to be able to keep for a long time without refrigeration, so anything with juice, for example, would be out of the question.  Also, it needs to make into the final drink without using a lot of ingredients, so the guests will have an easy time preparing it. So far so good: the mix, which goes into the bottles, is just vodka and curacao – easy and with excellent keeping qualities. Good. The drink is made by adding lemonade to it, and if you want to dress it up, a cherry and some ice cubes. Simple to make; good.

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It must also be very pretty to look at, especially in summertime. So, the blue curacao just happens to be pretty, and when you mix it with lemonade…  as you can see, it’s very, very pretty.

But here is the big question. Are people really going to like it? Well, yes! At least, people who like their drinks a little sweet but not too sweet, like me.  This one fits right at the top of my list of favorite drinks. It is especially nice on a warm sunny day. It looks kind of like the swimming pool you are (wishing you were) standing next to.

Blue, light, refreshing.  Very nice.

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1 part vodka
1 part curacao liqueur
Mix well, pour into bottles, cap tightly and seal with a bottle hood. The photo shows 5-ounce bottles; to make twenty of these bottles of  Blue Lagoon signature drinks, use 50 ounces of vodka and 50 ounces of curacao. These bottles use shape 5 label and shape 9 tag, and are the Dreaming Daisies style.

Mixing instructions:
Save for a very special event (but don’t wait too long). Pour 2 oz. of Blue Lagoon drink mix into an 8-oz. glass, add ice cubes and a cherry, fill with lemonade. Enjoy!

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Jeanne and her husband David launched My Own Labels in January of 2000. It was a spin-off of their successful graphic design firm, plus it allowed Jeanne to incorporate her love of baking, making, sewing and creating. Today David and Jeanne continue to be the heart of the operation both creatively and practically.


  1. I manage a wedding venue in Birmingham AL. About half the celebrations use a signature drink for a variety of reasons from cost to color to flavor. But this is the first time I have seen individually bottled signature drinks! Very interesting idea!

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