Bookmarks With Heart

Pictured Products Personalized Favor Tags

Books make having to stay at home a million times better, but still… even those enjoying their extra reading time could probably use a little cheering up these days. Kind words of encouragement on a bookmark are a simple way to make someone smile. The best part is they get to enjoy your message each time they open their book.

Luggage Tags and Baker’s Twine

Luggage tags are a handy size for bookmarks plus they have a pre-punched hole for attaching a ribbon or length of twine. Just tuck your bookmarks into an envelope and mail them as a surprise gift for friends, family, students, teachers, and book club members – or you can enclose them with a letter. April is National Letter Writing Month!

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Pictured Products Personalized Favor Tags
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Credit for this idea goes to my Uncle Chris – who has recommended many good books to me, and who is dedicated to helping make lives brighter.

Wording ideas: So glad you’re in my story!, Life is better with you, and books!, In my book, you’re a hero!, Books contain magic. So do you!, Keep calm & read on.

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