Boss’s Day – Reason You Drink


Vintage Chalkboard Wine Labels in Chalkboard Blue

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Boss’s Day is just around the corner: impress your manager this year with a bottle of wine featuring a photo of their favorite crew.

Boss’s Day lands on October 17 this year. This gift works better if you know your boss will take this well. Heidi and Cari-Ann from the shipping department at Evermine wanted to give the gift of personalized wine bottles to our company founder, Jeanne. So we took a funny photo of them texting and sleeping on the job and added it to a size 17 label.

This gift is so easy to make and requires little to no assembly. The most difficult part (if you can call it that) was removing the original labels from the wine bottles.

If you gave your boss a “Reason You Drink” wine bottle, we want to see! Tag us with #shopevermine or email us at

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