Browning Sauce Recipe #homemade #gift #package #cooking #kitchen #labels

(Used in this project: Square Labels and Rectangle Address Labels in Boxicle style with Small Squirt Bottles.)

A perfect gift for cooks. Browning sauce is something I love for one very simple (and important) reason. It makes gravy beautifully brown. Beef, pork or lamb gravy becomes a rich dark brown, and surprisingly it also makes turkey or chicken gravy a lovely golden brown when you use it sparingly. Add a very small amount to cream sauce or cheese sauce to add depth and richness to the color. Browning sauce was always difficult to find at the store, but after a while it became impossible to find. After a couple years of fruitless searching, I finally realized that, if I wanted it, I was going to have to make it.

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Browning Sauce Recipe #homemade #gift #package #cooking #kitchen #labels

First I had to do the detective work. I still had the last bottle on my shelf, and the ingredients listed were water, sugar, salt, spices, flavorings, and some things whose names had so many letters you can’t pronounce them. I suspected the active ingredient was the sugar but was not certain. I looked online for any clues about how to achieve that lovely golden brown color. All searches for brown coloring led to one thing: ‘caramel color’. It is everywhere. Cola has it, packaged gravies have it, canned soups have it, chocolate cake has it. Caramel is burnt sugar, and that I know how to make. After just a few experiments, I came up with an excellent browning sauce that I have been happily using for several years. I make up a large squeeze bottle (about 4 ounces) and it lasts a year or two refrigerated. If you make a large batch, you can make enough to give to others as well as enjoying it for yourself, for very little extra work.

This recipe makes about four 4-ounce bottles of browning sauce. If you want more, DO NOT increase this recipe. Just make a batch at a time until you get the amount you want.

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Browning Sauce Recipe #homemade #gift #package #cooking #kitchen #labels

Browning Sauce

• 2 cups sugar, in a heavy-bottom saucepan like a cast-iron skillet
• 1 cup water, measured and set next to the sink
• Wooden spoon (a metal spoon will get too hot)
• Several thick potholders next to the stove
• An apron

Heating sugar can be extremely dangerous. Sugar melts at 320 degrees, so you don’t want to spill it on your skin. Work carefully and quietly without distractions. Make sure the kitchen is clean and neat with no obstacles in the way. Have all your tools laid out carefully. Have no dangling clothes or jewelry. Move slowly and carefully. Do not allow others in the kitchen area, especially children, unless it is a person you are very comfortable working with and can count on to be helpful and not distracting. Focus on your work. Be careful.

Cooking Instructions
Place sugar in saucepan. Turn on to medium heat and stir slowly and constantly with the wooden spoon. The sugar will melt into a clear syrup, then the syrup will turn golden, and gradually it will darken. Stir and heat until the syrup becomes very, very dark, almost black. It will start smoking, be very careful not to allow it to smoke heavily – it may burst into flame which is extremely dangerous. If it begins to smoke too much, turn down the heat (if you are using gas) or take the pan off the heat briefly to slow down the smoking.

Browning Sauce Recipe #homemade #gift #package #cooking #kitchen #labels

When the syrup has become very dark, almost black, immediately carry it to the sink using the potholders and place in the bottom of the sink. With the spoon in one hand and ready to stir, and the measured water in the other, pour the water in all at once quickly, stirring constantly. The sugar will spatter and steam at first, then quickly become a sauce. Stir until smooth – this will take just a minute or so.

Browning Sauce Recipe #homemade #gift #package #cooking #kitchen #labels

Allow to cool, and pour into squeeze bottles using a funnel. I keep this browning sauce in my refrigerator for eight to twelve months.

Add labels for gifting to the cooks in your life.

Browning Sauce Recipe #homemade #gift #package #cooking #kitchen #labels

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  1. Thanks! Your recipe costs about 70 cents to make and is equivalent to about $13 worth of kitchen bouquet! AND it works just as well! The only change I made was to use my homemade broth instead of water. THANKS again!

  2. Thank you for the recipe. So I can plan appropriately, about how long does this take?

    And can I add in spices like garlic when I add the water??

    • Thanks for the question, Deb. After you have the ingredients and materials assembled, allow about 1 – 1/2 hours. This should give you more than enough time to measure, cook, cool, and bottle the sauce. Once you are a veteran, you can probably make it in half the time.
      As for adding garlic, if you are planning on using up your browning sauce in a couple of months, it should be okay. If you want to keep the sauce indefinitely on the shelf, I would not add anything more to the recipe. Adding any food products to it can reduce its shelf life. Enjoy making and using the sauce! My browning sauce is a lifesaver whenever I want to give a soup or gravy a rich, golden brown color.

  3. Will this browning make my gravy very sweet? I pride myself on having a very salt heavy gravy and I want to make sure it won’t alter the taste too much than store bought browning!

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