Small Business Series: Airbnb

Small Business Series: Airbnb

Small Business Series is a collection of posts dedicated to providing packaging and branding inspiration for different kinds of industries. Everyday, Evermine helps small businesses personalize and customize products so they can put their best foot forward. And in a competitive market, it pays to be creative. If you want to see how we would package or brand a certain business, email us at

Airbnbs are taking the world by storm and revolutionizing the travel and hospitality industry. We collaborated with Portland Airbnb superhosts Casey & Berdell on how to provide professional yet welcoming accommodations to guests.

Small Business Series: Airbnb

Small Business Series: Airbnb

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Make a welcome packet
A welcome packet can include everything you think your guest might need to explore your city. For ours, we included maps and a contact card. We found these biking/walking maps for free at our nearest public library. Business cards are perfect in case your guests need to contact you for emergencies (such as getting locked out or getting lost). Your guests can also use them as recommendations to friends also looking to stay in the area.

Products used:
Size 12 label in Morocco
Large white favor bag

Small Business Series: Airbnb

Create coaster souvenirs
Berdell paints Portland landscapes and landmarks in her spare time. We used some of these paintings to create coasters that guests can take home with them as a souvenir. If you have original scenic photographs/artwork in your inventory, consider creating coasters of your own! Use pictures from a variety of places from popular areas to the lesser-known local spots. Coasters are great to give away because they are light-weight and therefore travel-proof.

Products used:
Round coasters in Ombre Sunset

Small Business Series: Airbnb

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Provide travel shampoo and conditioner
Casey and Berdell have a collection of travel-sized shampoos and conditioners to give to their guests.¬† We put them in personalized cotton bags so they don’t get lost easily. The best thing is that you don’t have to purchase already-printed cotton bags – just order rubber stamps! Rubber stamps are incredible versatile because they are not only limited to fabrics. You can use them on boxes, letterheads, business cards and more!

Products used:
Rubber stamp in Morocco

How do you run your Airbnb? Do you have tips and tricks of your own? Leave us a comment below!

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