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When the design team stumbled upon Olga’s Etsy shop Elsa Nancy Soaperia, we immediately fell in love! We swooned over her intricate artisan soaps and handmade all-natural body care products. Not only is every product high-quality and beautifully packaged, the scents are absolutely heavenly. Elsa Nancy Soaperia has five stars and it’s easy to see why – Olga’s keen attention to detail shows in everything from the product to the packaging and processing. Olga is this month’s Business Spotlight: a series interviewing makers and designers who use and love our products. If you want to learn more about Olga and Elsa Nancy Soaperia, check out her website here.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am married, mother of 3 children 13, 6, and 2.  I worked as an Accounting Tutor for one of the city universities in New York City, but decided to take a break last year to focus on my kids and my business.  Working with numbers has always been my passion and has served me well to help put my project together. I have a large list of excel pages full of formulas and numbers of my products and prices.  My husband sometimes asks if I’m working on bookkeeping instead of creating beauty products!!

2. What events led you to start Elsa Nancy Soaperia?

I started Elsa Nancy Soaperia, two months after my mother passed away. At the beginning it was a way to keep myself occupied. I started by learning how to make natural soaps for my kids. That led me to realize that many products in the market are not safe. I then started to make my own body products. I did a lot of research and finally started creating my own recipes, and products. My family and friends feedback gave me motivation to get my business going.

3. Who do you consider an inspiration?

My mother. She was a gifted person with multiple talents.  I used to tell her that everything touched by her turned beautiful. She made fine jewelry, dolls, tailored clothes, wedding cakes, and many more things. She was always looking for new things to do, and taking courses to learn more. I learned from her that it is important to constantly strive to improve ourselves and  there is always something beautiful to create.

4. Describe a normal work day for you.

I check my website every morning. When I have orders, my day is very busy.  I try my best to handle the kids and fulfill my orders on time. I’m constantly working on my recipes, and new ideas  to improve the quality of my products and listings.

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5. What is something you’re still learning?

I find that something could always be done better. I believe that in order to be successful it is important to update yourself, and be open to new ideas, and trends.

6. I use Evermine because:

I love the quality of the labels and the variety of designs. The website is user friendly and I’m able to customize my labels with no problems. The customer service is amazing; orders are packed beautifully and always sent on time. I am glad to have found this company. Thank you Evermine!!

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