Business Spotlight: Salubrious Wax

Business Spotlight: Salubrious Wax


Leslie from Salubrious Wax

With candle lines, I’ve found that it’s usually easy to pick a favorite.  Not the case with Salubrious Wax. Each and every candle smells absolutely heavenly and wonderful – I wanted to keep them all! Leslie, the owner and founder of Salubrious Wax, creates each candle with a specific blend of scents generating a truly unique experience.  Not only that, but the packaging is perfect. We love how the navy label complemented the cozy warmth of the amber jars and the cool tones of the silver tins. If you want to learn more about Leslie and Salubrious Wax, you can visit her website here.

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Business Spotlight: Salubrious Wax

Business Spotlight: Salubrious Wax

Business Spotlight: Salubrious Wax

Business Spotlight: Salubrious Wax

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Leslie McMichael. I live in a small farming and ranching town in Idaho near the Idaho/Oregon border near Hells Canyon in a valley called “Salubria Valley”. My candle business is named “Salubrious” because the early settlers on the Oregon Trail that first arrived to our valley named it Salubria Valley because they said that it was salubrious to one’s health.
I started making candles in very small batches just over a year ago because I had a hard time finding quality soy candles that smelled good. I like to give candles as gifts so I originally started making them just for friends and family but word of mouth ended up being great for marketing. Before long, I had people contacting me wanting to buy my candles.

What is your favorite scent and why?
They are all my favorites but if I had to choose I like Idaho Syringa because of the combination of orange with a hint of jasmine. It’s very lovely. I’m also addicted to the smoky scent of Scotch Whisky and the salty exotic scent of Driftwood.

Three things you need to be productive:
A good cup of freshly brewed coffee, no interruptions, and deadlines. I seem to work best under pressure.

What is the most difficult part about owning your own business?
Right now, I’m still calling this business a hobby. I still have a part-time job in the city down in Boise in healthcare and do a lot of driving back and forth. I’m not home enough to do this yet as a real business. The transition from a hobby to a business will eventually happen. The demand for my candles has been great. I see a lot of candle making in my future.

How do you gather inspiration?
I surround myself with very talented people. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law are both incredible artists. They inspire me. I also like to look at on-line sources like Pinterest, Etsy, or even the Evermine blog. Thank you, Evermine!

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Do you ever feel un-motivated? If so, how do you overcome it?
I rarely feel un-motivated. I’m constantly making things and dreaming of what I’ll make next. Besides candles, I make precious metal clay jewelry and I’m a mosaic artist.

Where can customers purchase your products online?
Currently, I’m only selling locally. I hope to eventually open a e-commerce site or Etsy site next year. If someone is very determined to get one of my candles I’m sure I could be talked into mailing them one using pay-pal.

I use Evermine because:
I like the quality of the labels and the selection of designs to choose from. I spent hours and had fun playing around with different designs and colors before choosing the right one. The designing and ordering process is super user-friendly. It’s nice to be able to order just 20 labels and have them at my doorstep within a couple of days. I also chose Evermine because as my business grows I feel confident that Evermine will be there when I need the same labels, and design, next year, and the year after.

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