I am very excited about planning a kids Halloween party this year with my friends. We have lots of fun games and treats planned. I’m bringing my candy corn party mix. This is not your ordinary Chex mix either, it’s full of little candy corn candies, and coated in white chocolate. I just know they will get eaten up quickly. And it makes me feel better knowing that the little ones will be getting a serving of whole grains and not even know it!

• 4 cups Chex Mix cereal
• 2 cups bite-sized pretzel twists
• 1/2 cup raisins
• 8 oz. bar white baking chocolate
• 1 cup candy corn
• 1/4 cup orange and black sprinkles

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To make the mix I filled a large bowl with the Chex cereal, pretzel twists and raisins. Then I broke the white chocolate up into a coffee mug and put it in the microwave on 50% power for 1 ½ minutes, stopping to stir it every 30 seconds until it was completely melted. I poured the chocolate into the bowl and mixed until everything was well coated. Next, I mixed in the candy corn and halloween sprinkles. I spread the mix out onto some wax paper and left it to cool for a few minutes. Then I broke it apart and poured it into small cellophane bags. I tied the bags with ribbon, added a Happy Halloween hang tag, and a custom photo label for the finishing touch. I’m so pleased with the way they look, and the party mix tastes great too. Enjoy!

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