Cantastic! Dried Oregano


Do you have an established oregano plant that produces way more than you know what to do with? Take a few easy steps to turn your bounty into thoughtful gifts. 

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Materials and tools:

  • An established oregano plant
  • Small clippers or scissors
  • Tray or screen
  • Paper sack
  • Spice Jars
  • Labels that fit your spice jars
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  1. Cut the oregano when the buds are formed but before they bloom.
  2. Lay them on a tray or a screen in the sun. You may also use a dehydrator, but for leafy herbs it is not necessary.
  3. When the leaves are crispy, dry and crumble when you crush them, pick up the whole bundle and stuff it into a large paper sack.
  4. Close the sack and smash it flat – smash, smash, smash. This breaks the leaves off the stems.
  5. Remove everything from the paper sack. You’ll see the stems are separated from the leaves. Pull the stems out and discard.
  6. What you have left are leaves with little twigs scattered in among them. Pull out the twigs as best you can; little tiny twigs are just fine to leave in.
  7. Fill your spice jars with the dried oregano.
  8. Visit to pick out labels that fit your spice jars. You can label the front and top to accommodate various spice storage methods, and you can even tell your story on a text label. (Tip: Do this step first if you’re eager to share your bounty.)
  9. Label your jars. You’ve transformed your garden excess into delicious, usable gifts!
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  1. I live in Key West Florida and the humidity is extremely high. Will the drying process work the same? Also we have Cuban oregano here(the kind with huge leaves) can I dry that.

    • Hi Susan! Yes you can dry Cuban Oregano the same way. I don’t think the humidity should be an issue, it may just take a little longer to fully dry out. You could try drying just a small amount at first to test it out. Good luck & let us know how it goes!

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