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This post is for you experienced mushroom hunters out there.*

With the onset of spring rains, up pop our most favorite edible mushrooms! 

With a little prep ahead of time and some luck during your spring hunting, you can turn your haul into a few gifts to have on hand for the rest of the year!

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Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Pick out airtight containers for your gifts, such as zip seal bags, canning jars, etc.
  2. Visit to find hang tags, twine, and large labels suitable for your gift packaging. Leave a note for the Evermine design team to leave some room for you to fill in info like species, hunt date, and product weight, if desired. (Pictured is the  Vintage Unfiltered style in the large label shape and the small luggage hang tags.)
  3. Dry a portion of your positively identified edible mushrooms after a successful hunt.
  4. Fill several of your gift packages, noting the weight, species and hunt date on your labels. 
  5. Place the labels on your packaging.
  6. Keep the hang tags and twine with your gifts so you can easily label them with the lucky recipient’s name when the time is right. 
  7. Your precious gifts are ready and waiting!
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*If you are new to mushroom hunting, refrain from eating them or giving them as gifts. Learn from an expert and use your mushroom identification resources carefully.

I have been hunting mushrooms for 23 years, and know for a certainty when I run across a Boletus Edulis, Chanterelle, Lobster mushroom, Sparassis Crispa, or a Morel. There are many, many, many other edible and delicious mushrooms out there but these are the only one I know for certain, and they are the only ones I bring home.

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