Grain-Free Nut & Seed Granola Recipe

Grain-Free Nut and Seed Granola Recipe | Evermine Blog |

I sure do love a good granola on top of yogurt in the morning. To me, granola is a special treat since it’s slightly expensive and often heavily sweetened. I get that it’s somehow a symbol for a fringe, hippie lifestyle, but it seems like an outdated characterization. This stuff is mainstream anymore! Well, somewhat… 

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Party Appetizers: Puff Pastry Lollipops

Party Appetizer: Puff Pastry Pinwheels | Evermine Blog |

These puff pastry pinwheels are easy to make, taste like a buttery slice of heaven, and are just whimsical enough to convince anyone to eat their spinach. I love serving these before dinner whenever I entertain. When they come out of the oven, they smell divine and have my dinner guests drooling. When I make… 

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Homemade Skinny Salsa Recipe

Homemade Skinny Salsa Recipe | Evermine Blog |

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get the munchies a few hours after dinner and I need a snack. I could eat an apple or some carrots with hummus (all things I love), or I could eat some chips and salsa. Chips and salsa makes such a great snack! I mean, I know… 

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Homemade Nutritional Granola

Homemade Nutritional Granola | Evermine Blog |

Breakfast of champions! Ok, so I’ll admit it’s rare I feel like a champion upon waking up to the bowls of cereal, milk, spills, last minute homework, mismatched clothing for the four-year-old, missing shoes and the love of my life. School lunches for eight! My eyes are barely open, holding on tight to those last… 

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Three-Ingredient Peanut Butter Date Bars

Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Date Bars | Evermine Blog |

I love everything about these homemade energy bars. The satisfying salty and sweet combination, the healthy ingredients, the quick energy from an easy-to-grab snack. And they are so easy you won’t believe it. A few minutes and three ingredients makes this a staple recipe in my house these days. Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Date Bars… 

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Tiny Fruit and Nut Bars – DIY Sweethearts

Mini Date and Nut Bars - DIY Sweethearts | Evermine Blog |

Perhaps you remember those iconic Valentine’s day candies that come in a pink box—you know, the chalky, heart-shaped candies with tiny phrases printed on them. I love the idea, but don’t love the ingredients. So, I came up with a handcrafted version with similar charming messages, but this time the sweets are made with only… 

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