The Liberty Beer + Drink Collection


Evermine’s newest style for beer and drink packaging. Introducing Liberty, Evermine’s new design created exclusively for beer and drinks! This style comes in three vibrant colors – red, deep blue, and sunburst – and is available in eight coordinating shapes you can customize for any party or event. And like all our beer and drink… 

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Beer Tasting Party


Please welcome guest blogger, Emily Crawford. Emily is a freelance stationery designer, wife and mother of two little girls living in Portland, Oregon. A lover of creative gift wrap, party printables, and all things floral, Emily can be found tasting craft beer with her husband or pinning things on Pinterest. My husband and I are… 

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Reunion Mead


Family, friends, classmates, roommates, the gang. Those special people you love so well and for so long. Make a batch of mead (or take the easy road: buy your favorite wine and soak the labels off) and add custom labels that commemorate the event, the memories, the future. Anything goes. Say what you want. From… 

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Melon IPA


There are traditions of making fruit beers all over the world. Raspberries, cherries, peaches, pumpkins, grapes, blueberries, juniper berries- just about any fruit you can think of has made it’s way into a wirt kettle at some point. However, I have never seen a cantaloupe beer. I love the sweet musky flavor of cantaloupe and… 

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Hard Cider


By Guest Blogger, Robert Randall Please welcome guest blogger, Robert Randall! Robert lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon. He is a formally trained artist and musician and teaches animation to middle school students in the Portland area. When he’s not creating art or music, Robert can usually be found in his garden and kitchen, cooking up… 

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Homemade Honey-Wine


When you think of mead, what comes to mind? My first thought is a townhall filled with Vikings singing in drunken revelry, swigging some unrefined swill from steel goblets. But that picture couldn’t be farther from the truth. Mead, or honey-wine, has been around since ancient greece. It was the drink of poets, scholars and… 

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