Hanging Plant Wedding Favors

Hanging Plant Wedding Favors | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com

As we round the corner into the peak wedding season, this is the perfect time to share this lovely hanging plant project idea. Here’s the gist of it: you gather up all the pretty and practical supplies necessary for the project and give it to your guest in a charming package; your guest takes it… 

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Pinterest Collaboration: ‘Piece of Cake’ with Evermine Contributor Chelsia Rief

Pinterest Collaboration: Piece of Cake with Chelsia Rief | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com

Today we’re collaborating with Chelsia Rief of Catz in the Kitchen, a blog that focuses on food as a means of bringing the family closer together. Chelsia is one of our newest contributors, but she’s no stranger to delicious food and hospitality, and she has a whole section of her blog’s recipe index devoted to… 

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DIY Guest Welcome Boxes

Guest Welcome Boxes | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com

Having guests is always exciting, especially for my younger children who very kindly give up their beds and rooms to find other cozy places to sleep… such as the couch and floor in my bedroom! I think it’s so important for kids to learn about hospitality; giving our best to our guests, and learning how… 

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Four Thieves Vinegar

Four Thieves Vinegar | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com

In the time of the Black Death in Europe, a band of thieves repeatedly pillaged the homes and graves of the plague’s victims. No one knew how the thieves were able to enter plagued homes and never fall ill. The situation was so desperate that when the thieves were caught, they were granted their freedom… 

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Bike for Friendship Water Bottle Favors

Bike for Friendship Water Bottle Favors | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com

My 16 year old son, Schneur, is biking across America! Bike For Friendship is a program that raises funds for Friendship Circle International, today’s fastest growing Jewish organization for children with special needs. With over 79 locations worldwide, the Friendship Circle has cultivated friendships between 5,000 special needs children and close to 11,000 teen volunteers…. 

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Esoteric Magnet Sets

Esoteric Magnet Sets | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com

I’ve been realizing recently just how fun the customizable button magnets from evermine.com can be. I’m currently in the middle of a years-and-years-long medical program in natural medicine. In fact, I’m studying two forms of medicine that are not well known and which, as any niche profession, have their own foundational concepts that are vibrantly… 

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