Pinterest Collaboration: Nursery & Baby with Stacy Dutton

Nursery/Baby Pinterest Collaboration Board with Blog Contributor Stacy Dutton | Evermine Blog |

Today we’re excited to team up with Stacy Dutton – one of our regular blog contributors and the Art Director here at Evermine – on a Pinterest collaboration board for nursery & baby. This theme is especially exciting because not only does Stacy have the experience of planning for and mothering a newborn (the little… 

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Easy Air Fresheners

Easy Air Fresheners | Evermine Blog |

I have a small powder room on the main floor of my house. It’s a luxury that I’m still getting used to because my last house had one tiny bathroom that everyone in the house used daily and our guests also used when they came to visit. Now I have this wonderful powder room, and… 

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Grapefruit Handsoap

Homemade Grapefruit Handsoap | The Evermine Blog |

This past year I started making my own liquid handsoap and was totally impressed by how easy and inexpensive it is. It’s so practical, in fact, that I now use only my own liquid handsoap at home. Recently, I used baby-mild soap along with the joyful sent of grapefruit to make a fabulous and useful… 

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Get Well Soup: Nourishing Bone Broth, Mushroom and Vegetable Soup

Get Well Soup | Evermine Blog |

When someone is sick, you make them chicken soup, right? Well, when someone is really sick—a la post cancer surgery and undergoing six months of chemotherapy—you make them a super soup: nutrient dense, easy-to-digest, chicken bone broth, mushroom decoction and simmered vegetable soup. Not only is it uber nourishing, but the processes to extract the… 

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Pinterest Collaboration: Outdoor Therapy with Bobby Pathammavong

Pinterest Collaboration with Bobby Pathammavong | Evermine Blog |

New Feature! Pinterest Collaboration Boards: Each month, the Evermine Blog will be teaming up with one of its regular contributors to put together a Pinterest board with a theme of their choice. These boards will not only inspire you, but also give you a glimpse into each of our contributor’s favorite hobbies. Check back each… 

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December Facebook Photo Contest Winner!

December Facebook Photo Contest Winner | Evermine Blog |

Congratulation Stephanie Stone for winning our December Facebook photo contest! Stephanie submitted her photo through the photo contest app on our Facebook page, and took first place for the month of December, earning her a $50 dollar coupon from Evermine! Here’s what Stephanie writes about her photo: Photo Title: Reindeer Chow Party Favors Description: Upcycled… 

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