Passover Cleaning Kit

Passover Cleaning Kit | Evermine Blog |

Keep Calm and Clean On! That’s my motto when it comes to Passover cleaning. I’ll admit, it sure is hard to inspire children to clean. I don’t just mean cleaning up their toys. I mean, REALLY cleaning in preparation for Passover. It is customary to rid our homes of any leavened substances, such as bread,… 

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Pinterest Collaboration: Floral Arrangements with Chana Scop

Pinterest Collaboration: Floral Arrangements with Blog Contributor Chana Scop | Evermine Blog |

For this month’s Pinterest collaboration, we’re super excited to be working with regular blog contributor Chana Scop on a floral arrangement-themed inspiration board. This Pinterest theme is especially exciting for us because flowers can be used to enhance events of all kinds, including big, glamorous weddings, small gatherings and everything in-between, so we love experimenting… 

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Enter Evermine’s Spring Pinterest Contest

Evermine's Spring Pinterest Contest | Evermine Blog |

Spring is here! Are you getting married, having a baby, hosting a party or simply re-organizing your kitchen pantry? For the chance to win a $300 gift certificate to, create a Spring Pinterest Board, with the theme of your choosing, using at least 3 items from the Evermine Pinterest profile at or our… 

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“Flea B Gone” Shampoo

Flea B Gone Shampoo | Evermine Blog |

I’m always looking for homemade gifts I can give to people for their dogs. This all-natural shampoo is packed with essential oils that fleas hate, but the castile soap is kind to fur. It has a fresh scent and it leaves fur glossy and flea-free. I use it on my own pooch and happily make… 

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Homemade Hand Sanitizer with Thieves Oil

All-Natural Hand Sanitizer with Thieves Oil | Evermine Blog |

Have you heard of Thieves Oil? I hadn’t heard of it until this year. Friends rave about its super powers for fighting off those bad bugs that give us the sniffles. Then, with this cold and flu season, my usual hand washing routine was no longer protecting me and I thought it was time to… 

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Nourishing Bone Broth Recipe

Nourishing Bone Broth {recipe} | Evermine Blog |

Since the very beginning of my journey in natural medicine, this one bizarre food has been coming up over and over again. Our instructors are well educated in the science of natural medicine, and they also have years of clinical experience from which to draw. And invariably, when the subject of nutrition comes up, the… 

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