Mason Jar Plantable Birthday Favors

Mason Jar Plant Birthday Favors | Evermine Blog |

I can’t believe how time goes by. I think as I get older, the days get shorter, and the moments get more precious to savor and cherish. My little baby is almost 1 year old, and even my older children are amazed at how quickly she has blossomed. Being that she is the youngest of… 

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3 DIY Mermaid Party Favor Ideas

3 DIY Mermaid Party Favor Ideas | Evermine Blog |

Hosting a mermaid-themed birthday party or baby shower for the little one? We have three fun favor ideas that are super simple to put together, and will impress both your child and adult guests. And be sure to check out our Mermaid and Under the Sea party-themed Pinterest boards for more aquatic party inspiration: 1…. 

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Baseball-Themed Birthday Coasters

Birthday Coasters | Evermine Blog |

Birthdays are always fun in my house. However, celebrating a birthday on Pesach, the Passover festival, is not without its challenges. And seeing as how we don’t eat wheat products, I’m left trying to be creative with Matzah and grape juice. So here I decided to focus on the decor, and give out a plain… 

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Cinnamon Bun Birthday Favors

Cinnamon Bun Birthday Favors with Recipe | Evermine Blog |

I have a new favorite! Indeed, this Cinnamon Bun recipe has more depth to it than other recipes since it uses spelt flour. The texture is perfect, compliments any hot cup of tea or beverage and will definitely stand out on your dessert table. For my birthday, I plan to treat my guests to these… 

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Pretty Pink Birthday Cupcakes

Pretty Pink Birthday Cupcakes | Evermine Blog |

Sweet four (almost going on fourTEEN). That sums up my precious little girl who is pink, frilly, lacy and all. She’s a headband-wearing, bow-and-ribbon loving, lip gloss collector fashionista, and when I allow, she loves her nails done. In pink, of course. So, it only makes sense to bake these basic yellow cupcakes with a… 

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Mermaid Bath Salts

DIY Mermaid Bath Salts | Evermine Blog | #gift #handmade

I’ve been learning more and more about homemade bath and body products these days. This was my first try at making bath salts, and I have to say, they were a lot of fun to create! The ingredients and process are simple, and you can customize your salt with color and scent for any occasion…. 

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