Chalk Painted Seed Starters

Chalk-painted Seed Starters #diy #gift #gardening #craft

To help stave off the gloom that befalls the winter months following the holidays, you can brighten your friends’ days by gifting little, chalk painted seed starting planters! I’ve wanted to make homemade chalkboard paint for a while, and this is the perfect occasion. These gifts are cute favors for many different reasons, for instance baby showers, weddings, birthday parties, etc. This time, I made them just because!

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Chalk Painted Seed Starter Pots

What You Need:
• ½ Cup flat paint
• 1 tablespoon unsanded grout
• Sealable plastic container
• Mini terra cotta pots
• Two toothpicks
• A few Paintbrushes
• Additional Paint colors for optional decoration


I chose to decorate the pots individually, and then paint with chalk paint on the area I wish to be the focus. However, with this recipe doubled, you can certainly paint each pot completely.

I began my planters by painting a lovely light blue all over. I painted some graphic white accents all over, as well as outlining the area I would like to chalk paint. Allow to dry fully before applying the chalk paint.


Pour the ½ cup of flat paint and the tablespoon of unsanded grout, in your sealable plastic container. Stir thoroughly with your two toothpicks, until smooth. If your mix is very thick, add a few drops of water to thin, in order to paint it on smoothly. Paint on your first coat! You can sand the area in between coats, if you insist on a finely smoothed surface.

Chalk-painted Seed Starters #diy #gift #gardening #craft

There is a long list of plants that grow well as starters indoors. I suggest herbs, because they smell fantastic, and people enjoy receiving them as gifts! I wrapped little dill seeds in folded wax paper envelopes, and sealed them with a Vintage Burlap label. I then wrapped a length of yarn around each chalk painted pot, with individual Vintage Burlap collar labels to close.

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Chalk-painted Seed Starters #diy #gift #gardening #craft

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