Choose the perfect laminate for your roll labels

Choosing the right laminate will help you get great looking roll labels that are as durable as you need them to be without spending more on material than necessary.

Laminate vs No Laminate

Using a laminate on your labels is a great choice if you’d like to communicate a sense of quality to your end consumer. Laminating either waterproof BOPP or semigloss paper will help protect the imagery and text on your label from scrapes and will result in a stronger and thicker label.

Skipping the laminate can mean big cost savings for certain situations. Under typical packaging and shipping conditions, our label stocks applied to end products arrive at the consumer looking great, even unlaminated.

Unlaminated BOPP or semigloss paper labels are especially appropriate for products that are lightweight or soft, such as tissue or cotton products packaged in plastic bags. They also function well when the label will be placed on an inner, protected surface, such as in some industrial settings or with some unpackaged products, like tools.

Unlaminated Labels

BOPP without laminate:  

  • Prints in brilliant color 
  • Semigloss sheen 
  • Very tough and resists tearing 
  • Impervious to water damage 

Semigloss paper without laminate:  

  • Prints in brilliant color 
  • Semigloss sheen 
  • Not as tough as BOPP but strong enough to hold up to typical packaging and shipping conditions  
  • Susceptible to water damage

Estate paper (not compatible with laminate):  

  • Prints in brilliant color 
  • Subtle ribbed texture 
  • Communicates quality and refinement especially with minimalist designs  
  • FSC certified
  • Susceptible to water damage
Gloss Laminate vs Matte Laminate

Semigloss paper labels and BOPP labels will look identical once they are laminated. For either stock, lamination protects the printed design from scrapes and creates a thicker, more substantial label.

Gloss laminate creates a bright, polished surface for a clean, sharp look.
Matte laminate looks and feels softer, while still communicating cleanliness and professionalism.
Laminate and Water Exposure

Laminate is waterproof but laminating a non-waterproof stock will confer only water resistance. That is, if a semigloss paper label with laminate is exposed to water over time, the water can damage the label.

For products that will be exposed to water, a waterproof BOPP with or without laminate is a good choice.

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