Choose the right substrate for your roll label project

Choice of label material–or substrate, to use the industry term–is one of the most important parts of making sure your labels have the right impact when they reach the consumer.

All of the roll substrate choices at Evermine Labels print with fine detail and beautiful, rich color so your labels will look great no matter which you choose. But each substrate functions differently, so depending on your particular project, one substrate may be a clear best choice.

Here’s a breakdown of each of our roll substrate options.

Premium Estate Paper

This is a beautiful, thick stock with a slightly ribbed texture. It is recyclable and made from FSC certified forest products. Minimalist designs with large blank areas will show off this luxurious paper, communicating a sense of refinement and quality to the consumer.

Because this substrate is paper, it is not waterproof. Lamination is not available with premium estate paper.

This is an excellent choice for wine and other high-end product labeling where products are kept in a low-moisture environment.

Premium estate label paper torn away from the backing.
Semi-gloss Paper

This is a low-cost recyclable paper stock with a slight sheen. Because this substrate is paper, it is not waterproof. Like all of our substrates, it prints wonderful rich color, while fine detail in the design shows up well.

Lamination is available with this substrate and may be a good option for providing some protection from moisture.

Semi-gloss paper without laminate is a great option on paper, glass, or synthetic packaging in low-moisture environments.

Semi-gloss label paper torn away from the backing.
Waterproof BOPP

BOPP stands for biaxially-oriented polypropylene. It is waterproof, scratch resistant and tear resistant.

Laminate can be applied to waterproof BOPP to build a thicker, higher quality label, as laminate protects the printed image from surface damage. BOPP with laminate is suitable for most product packaging.

For applications where the label won’t undergo much pressure or scraping, laminate can be omitted, offering a cost savings opportunity.

BOPP without laminate may be especially appropriate for products that are lightweight or soft, such as tissue or cotton products packaged in plastic bags. BOPP without laminate may also function well when the label will be placed on an inner, protected surface, such as in some industrial settings or with some unpackaged products, like tools.

BOPP is tear-resistant.

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