Citrus Valentine’s Day Favors for Kids



Citrus Valentine’s Day Favors for Kids

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If you’re looking for an alternative to sweets for your child’s Valentine’s Day favors here’s a citrus idea that is a healthy snack with a cute message. All you need are a few supplies and an afternoon to spend with your kids putting them together.

Supplies: (Cuties for a cutie)
• Cuties
Personalized tags (small luggage tags, Modern Museo, Sunburst)
Large cellophane bags


Supplies: (Orange you glad we’re friends)
• Oranges
Personalized tags (small luggage tags, Aurora, Coral, Marujo Font)
Extra Large cellophane


Package your citrus treats in a cellophane bag and tie on a personalized tag (order your tag with a blank space so your child can write in the names of their classmates or friends).


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