Clever Birthday Gift tags

Step up your gifting game with personalized (and insanely clever!) gift tags. I wanted to create tags that were both funny and cute to give with birthday presents. So when Evermine released two new luggage tag shapes, I knew I had to order a few for myself and my friends.

Clever Birthday Gift tags

I saw this and thought of you
So, no returns!
Garden Vines in size 06

First, wrap your item with white wrapping paper. For decoration, criss cross four types of bands in matching colors. I used two selections of washi tape, a skinny golden ribbon, and double-sided tape sprinkled with gold glitter.

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I picked Garden Vines in Navy and Yellow because it perfectly complemented the gold tones. Keep in mind that the size 1B luggage tags look better on larger objects, such as clothes or books.


Clever Birthday Gift tags

Absolutely no peeking!
Bonjour in size 1B

Construction paper can actually be a great alternative to wrapping paper if the gift is small enough. I wrapped mine in black paper and twine for a minimalist look. Top it off with Bonjour in Grapefruit for the perfect pop of color.


Clever Birthday Gift tags

Spoiler alert: It’s not a pony
Apothecary Neat in size 06

One of my favorite features of the new luggage tags is that the punch hole is large enough to fit thick ribbons. For this simple but cute packaging idea, I wrapped the gift in a soft gray paper. I then threaded two ends of a silk blush ribbon through a luggage tag, and tied it into a bow.

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Clever Birthday Gift tags

If you don’t like this, can I have it back?
Chalkboard in size 1B

One of my favorite ways to wrap a present is to reuse clean grocery paper bags. It helps the environment and the kraft color complements a large range of colors – especially black. As a result, I used the luggage tag in Chalkboard and tied it to the package with patterned twine.

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