Coconut Oil Salve

I’m always on the hunt for natural products that have mystical benefits (sadly, sometimes they are mythical). Coconut oil, typically used in cooking, can also be used to treat dozens of different ailments and annoyances. I recently bought some cold-pressed, organic coconut oil from my local health food store to try. I loved using it to moisturize my dry summer skin. After doing some more research I decided to try making my own. Coconut oil is solid at 76 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it literally melts on your skin. As you can imagine, this can lead to a big oily mess (especially in the summer heat). However, I can attest to the oil feeling decadent on my skin and I found a way to stabilize it in its solid form, like a salve. The following recipe is simple and perfect for gifting to friends. What better way to celebrate the onset of summer than to give a gift that nourishes dry skin!

Coconut Oil SalveIngredients:
• 2 Cups Soy Wax (found at your local craft store, where there are supplies to make candles)
• 1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract (optional, and may substitute with any other scent that may go well with a hint of coconut)
• 3 Cups Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil
• 2 Tablespoons of Water

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• 2 Microwave Safe Bowls (that can hold 3 cups each)
• 1 large mixing bowl (10 cups+, helpful if it has a spout)
• Hand-mixer, meringue attachments
• 6 containers (a bit larger than a cup each, I found mine at a beauty supply store.  Jeanne found a site used in her Simple Gifts post, that have a few jars that are perfect!)

Begin by melting both the soy wax and coconut oil in separate microwave safe bowls. There were no directions in how to melt soy wax, so I treated it like dipping chocolate (same consistency)- at first, heat on high for 90 seconds, stir, then replace for 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until melted completely. The melting point of the coconut oil depends much on the temperature in your house. Start with microwaving on high for 30 seconds, stir, and this might be enough; if not, replace for 15 second intervals. Please check the temperature of the bowl before handling either of these hot liquids.

Coconut Oil SalvePour the melted soy wax into a large mixing bowl and add your vanilla extract and water. Mix on low with the hand-mixer for about 20 seconds. If the wax begins to clump or re-harden you can repeat your intervals of 30 seconds in the microwave.

In order to ensure your coconut oil has cooled enough to begin working with, touch your finger to the outside of the bowl before touching the hot oil. Like I said, anything above 76 degrees and the oil is liquid, so there is no need to chance burning yourself. Slowly pour the coconut oil into the mixing bowl with the soy wax. The scent you detect now is the strength you will end up with, at this time play with the potency if you like- my recipe is quite mild. Lastly, run the mixer until fully incorporated- and you’re done!

I was so excited to give this gift out to all of my friends, knowing that coconut oil is so exceptional, natural, and luxurious. I poured my salve into small jars and decorated them with personalized labels in the style of Bali, because it looks like it came straight from the spa!

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  1. Any time you add water you will need to add a preservative to prevent growth of bacteria. If you choose not to add a preservative you sub the water for a light, dry oil like jojoba, fractionated coconut oil, or grape seed oil.

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