Crafter Hours Craft Bags

Crafter Hours Craft Bags |
Do you and your friends love DIY projects and crafts? Host a monthly girls night in, craft style, and surprise the attendees with fun and quirky Crafter Hours favor bags filled with supplies for the night, a snack and, of course, a bottle of champagne!

Crafter Hours Craft Bags |
Since you’re hosting, you can choose whether you want the craft of the night to be free-for-all or themed. If you choose free-for-all, each of your guests can bring their own project from home to work on while enjoying each other’s company. If you choose a theme, however, it might be nice to provide some basic supplies that each of your attendees can use to complete their project. You can even incorporate the theme into your Crafter Hours gift bags to make them more unique. For instance, if you’re hosting a yarn-themed gathering, include a ball of yarn in the gift bag. Or if you’re hosting a night for embroidery, include a small embroidery hoop and a few colors of embroidery thread – you get the idea!

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Crafter Hours Craft Bags |
If your craft night isn’t themed, what you put in your favor bags is totally up to you. Fill ‘er up with loads of snacks or some cute Target Dollar Section goodies, and give them to everyone as they arrive so they can munch on their snacks and use the supplies in their bags while they work.

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Happy crafting!

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