Crispie Almonds

Crispie Almonds can’t be bought. They must be made by someone you know – or made by you. How are they any more special than roasted salted almonds you buy from a store? And why do people go to the trouble of making them? Well, for one, they are delicious, and they are much more delicate in saltiness, crunch and flavor than the roasted almonds you buy. Something like the difference between a pair of pruning shears and embroidery scissors: sure, they both cut. For another, they are good for you in a lot more ways than roasted almonds: they are raw, plus they are easy to digest, because the soaking in salt reduces the enzymes that make nuts difficult to digest.

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How to make Crispie Almonds
Start by soaking raw organic almonds for 12 – 24 hours in water that has been salted so that it “tastes like the sea”. That would be about two tablespoons of salt to a half-gallon of water. Then, spread the almonds out on a rack in a dehydrator at a temperature of 135 degrees or less. If you dry them at a higher temperature they would not qualify as raw. Dehydrate for up to 24 hours, making sure when you take them out that they are thoroughly dry all the way through to the center and deliciously crispy. You now have a new food to enjoy: subtle in all ways, delicious, delicately crunchy, faintly salty, good-for-you, raw, snacking almonds. Enjoy!

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