After I made the wedding pops that I showed you a few weeks ago, I decided to try some other versions of cake pops. These adorable pops are much easier and SO cute. I found the idea originally on  You could use these for a child’s birthday party or for a baby shower. You follow the same instructions for the wedding pops, you just shape them differently.

The first thing you do is bake a cake.  Any cake, any flavor, from a box or from scratch, doesn’t matter.  I used chocolate for these pops.  You can bake the cake in any size pan, I used a 9×13.  After it is done and completely cool, crumble it into a large bowl. If it isn’t fine enough you can run it through a food processor. I tried it both ways and very much prefer to use the food processor. It makes it much finer which makes the finished pops easier to shape and smoother on the edges.

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After the cake has been crumbled into the bowl, add a can of frosting (again, any flavor). You will probably not need the whole can so start with part and add enough til you get a mixture that is easy to mold into a ball and hold its shape. You don’t want it too gooey, no matter how good the frosting tastes. Mix the frosting in with a spoon or your hands. Mix well so the mixture is uniform – you don’t want patches that are dry, they won’t stick together.  Refrigerate the mixture to allow it to firm up.

Make balls somewhat smaller than a golf ball – be sure not to make them any bigger or their weight will cause them to drop to the bottom of  the stick. An easy way to make them all the same size is to make one of the desired size, then set it aside on a separate plate as your model; shape all the others to match it in size. Chill them until they are firm. After you take them out of the refrigerator, roll them into a slight oblong shape. Take the oblong and press one end into a scalloped or flower shaped cookie cutter (about 1 1/4″ diameter). One end should take the shape of the cutter, the other end should “bunch up” outside of the other end, creating the cupcake top.  Chill again to set.

When you are ready to decorate them, set out your materials.  You will need:

chocolate candy melts

pink candy melts

sprinkles (any kind you want, I used regular ice cream sprinkles I found in the bulk food section of my local grocery store)

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“cherries” for the tops (I used red mini-M&M’s)

Melt the chocolate candy melts first.  Dip the bottoms (the flower shaped part) of the cupcakes in the chocolate.  You want to dip them until they are coated part way up on to the top (this way, when you dip the pink, you won’t have any gaps in between the colors).  Let the chocolate cool until it is hardened. Then, melt the pink candy melts and dip the tops.  Decorate while the candy coating is still wet.  Let cool and package as desired.  We tried a variety of ways because we couldn’t decide which was cuter.  We put some of them on lollipop sticks and some we left off the sticks and put them in cute boxes.  The ones not on sticks are easier, but the cake pops are so cute.  You decide.

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