Customer Service Rated as Excellent by STELLAService

STELLAService is an independent company that rates the customer service performance of online stores. They have created the most robust evaluation methodology ever assembled — stress testing more than 300 different elements of the online customer experience.

STELLAService recently applied their methods to Evermine. To find out what experience our customers have, the STELLAService team went shopping at They navigated our site, conducted usability tests, ordered and returned products and engaged in over a dozen interactions with the Evermine customer service representatives via phone, email and live chat. And they did it all undercover, without us knowing a thing about it, so their findings are unbiased and true to the experience!

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So what were the results of all that testing? STELLAService awarded Evermine with an “excellent” rating. Some outstanding areas included “friendly support”, “intuitive site design”, and “live chat”.

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We are very proud of our customer service team and hope everyone who visits our site has an “excellent” shopping experience.

Evermine Admin (16 Posts)

Since 2000, Evermine has offered beautiful personalized paper goods for weddings, parties, home cooks, entrepreneurs, basement brewers and winemakers. The company values plastic-free packaging, environmental practices in the work place, and products designed and made in the U.S.A.

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