Diaper Cake from Evermine Labels blog #baby #shower #decoration #diy(Used in this project: Circle Tags, Small Diamond Tags, Petal-Shape Labels and Small Circle Labels.)

This baby shower decoration is a great mix of practicality and cuteness. It dresses up the party table and leaves the new babe with a stash of diapers that will come in very handy. That is if mom can bring herself to take it apart and use the diapers!

Diaper Cake Materials

• Cardboard
• Aluminum foil
• Large box of diapers
• 12″, 10″, and 8″ round cake pans
• Elastic bands
• 2 colors of ribbon
Personalized labels
• BBQ skewer
Personalized Tags
• Stickers and other embellishments
• Scissors, pens, stapler, glue, tape, etc.

Using the 12″ cake pan as a template, trace out the shape of the pan and then cut out the circle that will act as your base. Cover the base in aluminum foil.

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Diaper Cake from Evermine Labels blog #baby #shower #decoration #diy

To make one the first layer, start with a large box of white diapers. You can use the printed ones for more color, but for this look the white diapers provide the perfect canvas for adorable decorations. Start to overlap and fan out the diapers along the inside wall of the cake pan until the pan is full and you have a base layer. Secure the first layer with a rubber band before removing it from the cake pan.

Repeat this step with the 10″ and the 8″ cake pans to get your second and third layers.


Wrap the layers with ribbon and staple, tape or glue them in pace so that the securely hold the layer together.

Stack them on the base and let your creativity take over and start decorating your “cake”. I used 2 different custom labels on the ribbon to personalize the cake for a boy.

Diaper Cake from Evermine blog #baby #shower #decoration #diy

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To make the cake topper, add a few custom tags. I added one with baby’s name, William James, and a larger one on top by piercing a hole in the bottom of a round tag and threading it through the BBQ skewer. I topped the pointy part of the skewer with a computer printed label decorated with some ribbon.

The top can be decorated with toys, rosettes of washcloths, or other little gifts. Personalize it based on your tastes, the shower theme, and of course the gender of the new baby.


Used In This Project:

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  1. I just love this baby tower cake. It is so inventive and so totally original. It would be a super hit at any baby shower. The labels are so effective and adds such “fun” to the cake. I am so glad that I found this site while I was “surfing” the web today. Looking forward to more of your creations !

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