DIY Art Coasters

A favor idea for your next party: add your own art coasters! This is a neat idea for a party or get together for children or adults. Order some coasters, supply pens and then watch the creativity flow. At the end of the party you can round them up and perhaps take a few photos to share with all the party goers- or send them home with guests as a reminder of the time they spent with you.

Sometimes being asked to be creative on the spot can be daunting. To aid guests who might feel a little shy putting pen to coaster provide some coasters with designs already stenciled on them. You can buy stencils, or make them yourself. You can even download the stencils that I made here.

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I chose to have my coasters exclaim “please decorate me” in order to help a guest understand that something is missing from these coasters- their art! You can choose to leave the direction off- I thought that the words might entice even shy guests to have a stab at decorating- rather than being afraid of “messing up” a beautiful plain coaster.

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